Patient Safety Systems

Global Mobility (GML) is an innovator in providing systems for patient safety. Underlying patient safety is the need for timely communications, whether it be from nurse to clinician, or from Lab to the care provider.

Communications in a hospital environment is complex endeavor, with patients moving from ward to ward, doctors changing shifts, emergency response teams changing and many other changing parameters. GML’s solutions automate the communications in these scenarios by providing event based alerts to the right person based on flexible configuration rules, be it by location, time of day, type of event and many more parameters.

asian doctor talking to patient about x-ray result.

Tracking and monitoring is also an important part of enforcing patient safety. This is tracked in the 2 way communications between the system and the caregiver, which allows the system generate reports on the timeliness of responses and provision of care.

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Our key solutions to improving patient safety are: