Hospital Interaction Platform

Communications in a medium to large hospital setting is critical in maintaining effective operations, as well as keeping the patient and next-of-kin experience as anxiety free as possible. Global Mobility’s core capabiliities are in enabling efficient communications between multiple parties, including doctors, nurses, administrators and patients.

GML’s web desktop to mobile device communication platform is the mainstay of many public sector hospitals in Singapore, and has helped improve critical communications between caregivers in the hospital. Important, time critical communication can effectively be sent out to the right recipients, or even to the whole hospital.

The patient experience in large public hospitals is often bewildering and stressful for both the patient and their caregivers/loved ones.

Male Nurse Talking With Female Patient In Hospital Room

Male Nurse Talking With Female Patient In Hospital Room

┬áThis anxiety can by reduced by proper communications and updates from administrators and clinicians to the patient and their family. GML’s Patient Interaction solutions help in the communication between the hospital and the patient, both for inpatients and outpatients. Using our platform, clinicians and nurses can communicate directly to patients and their loved ones. Our 2 way appointment reminder system helps remind patients in advance of their upcoming appointments.

We have extended this core interaction platform to include interactions between the people and things.