Healthcare Messaging System


Pills and Stethoscope with Tablet Capsule on Touch Screen Mobile Phone

is Global Mobility’s flagship product that has been deployed in the majority of Singapore’s public hospitals. At its core, HMS provides real-time communication from the hospital to its staff, clinicians and even to patients. Its true value lies in the “Smarts” that operate above the communication layer, connecting the diverse grouping of people in a fluidly changing environment that is the hallmark of large public sector hospitals, automating workflows for critical communications, and reducing time-to-care for responding to a critical or abnormal result.

HMS integrates directly into the hospital backbone, including the HL7 streams for Lab, Radiology, ECG and other results, as well to major EMR and Hospital Administration systems, including SAP, EPIC and AllScript’s Sunrise Clinical Manager.

The Core Features of HMS are:

Apart from the core features, other value added modules include: