Chronic Disease Management System

The HMS Disease Management module is a web based solution that allows patients and healthcare professionals to maintain patients medical treatment records in a central location. The solution also allows for remote monitoring of disease markers (eg. INR) and is submitted remotely via the web or SMS. All submissions are electronically monitored and alerts are triggered for disease markers that are outside the prescribed safe ranges.

The automated solution allows care professionals to focus their resources on providing higher quality patient care and less on the routine tracking and monitoring of patient submissions and data. The solution is seamlessly integrated into the hospital.

Key Features

  • Clinician Jobstack which highlights patients that need human intervention
  • Inpatient and Outpatient mode to cater to both acute and step down care for the patient
  • Communications mode to allow tracked communications between care giver and patient.
  • Care Notes and Memos to keep track of observations by care givers, as well as instructions to patients
  • Integrated Web and SMS submission module to enable patients to submit readings remotely
  • Integration into hospital EMR, Lab and Drug backbone to automatically extract patient details
  • Automated alerts based on configurable trigger conditions to alert healthcare professionals