Broad Based Result Notification

The Broad Based Routing & Notification module is a web based solution that allows healthcare professionals to be alerted when medical results meet pre-set, configurable criteria. The automation provided by this service allows health care professionals to spend less time manually filtering results, and more time determining what needs to be done with the results. Consequently, patient care improves due to shorter Turn Around Times (TAT) for a healthcare professional’s response.

BBRAll results are electronically processed and alerts are triggered with preferred choice of notification delivery.

The automated solution allows for healthcare professionals to focus their resources on providing a higher quality of patient care, and less on the routine tracking and monitoring of patient results. The solution is seamlessly integrated into the hospital EMR system for inpatients and outpatients.

The system uses multiple channels of notification delivery, including paging, SMS, email and Smart App.

Key Features

  • Scalable result analysis engine with simple and flexible alert configuration that is tailored to each individual
  • Pro-active monitoring of patient result for healthcare professionals
  • Smart and non-intrusive notification to the clinicians/allied health staff
  • Integration with multiple hospital backbone systems
  • Automated alerts based on configurable trigger conditions to alert healthcare professionals
  • Location/Test centric exclusion
  • Focus View for different groups.
  • VIP/VVIP and Deceased patient preferential handling
  • Reconciliation write-back to external system
  • Auto Learn categories and tests.