HMS+ is the latest addition to the Global Mobility Suite of solutions.

HMS+ is a brand new healthcare mobile platform architected from the ground up to bring information and communications right to the fingertips of the healthcare professional. Underlying all its functionality is a communications layer that provides the basis for purpose driven communications, built with extensibility in mind so that new or customized functionality can be build into the mobile interface to cater to the complex environment in medium to large sized hospitals.

Key Core Features

  • Hospital ADID integration
  • Integration to HMS web messaging module for broadcasts and one to one messaging
  • Secure Messaging
  • SMS fallback capability to users who do not have application
  • Many to many communications
  • Picture messaging
  • Single device login
  • Integration to HMS Web Directory
  • Integration to HMS Rosters

Platform Extensibility – Other available modules

  • Patient Communications
  • Patient Appointment App
  • eConsent extension module with Biometric reader integration
  • Patient Interaction module with microlocation