Healthcare Enterprise Messaging

HMS is an effective tool for one-to-one and one-to-many communications within the hospital setting. It includes a comprehensive messaging platform that empowers people in the healthcare institute to have seamless, 2 way communication from a desktop application to the mobile devices of staff and clinicians. The mobile delivery channel can be accessed through pager, SMS, or the HMS+ smartphone app. The hospital’s staff directory provides easy lookup of staff across wards, divisions, and multiple hospital sites.


Healthcare Messaging Service Interface

The environment in a mid to large sized hospital is a dynamic one, and the recipient of communications may change during the day due to a variety of factors. HMS messaging provides access to this dynamic contact list by providing instant access to various roster lists and duty personnel.

For doctors who go on leave or are suddenly unable to perform their duties, temporary proxies can be set so that communications and responsibilities are temporarily diverted to another doctor.

In addition, users are able to create their own groups to send broadcast messages. Various broadcast modes are supported, including a special mode, Emergency Broadcast, where acknowledgement is required.