2 Way Patient Appointment Reminder System

Health Care Messaging SystemsThe HMS System allows for two-way communications between a patient’s mobile and the hospital staff so that automated reminders can be sent to patients to remind them about upcoming appointments. The two-way capability allows the patient to reply to the SMS Healthcare Messaging Systems to confirm their attendance, thus reducing the number of no-shows. Our solution improves the notification workflow and reduces the effort needed for keeping track of patient appointments.

With multi-tier escalation, patients will be reminded of the appointments to improve the percentage of patients show-up for appointments in the hospital. The system provides reports to allow call center personnel to effectively follow up.

The Broad-Based Routing (BBR) & Notification module is a web based solution that allows healthcare professionals to be alerted when medical results meet pre-set, configurable criteria. The automation provided by this service allows health care professionals to spend less time manually filtering results, and more time determining what needs to be done with the results. Consequently, patient care improves due to shorter Turn Around Times (TAT) for a healthcare professional’s response.