Electronic Rosters


eRoster interface

Electronic Rosters (eRosters) are core to the functionality of HMS, which enables communications to the right person, at the right place, at the right time. This is done in context of the patients in the current location and the doctor(s) who are providing patient care. This includes the ability to allow escalation as required, follow pathways of care, lookup of doctor’s roster and follow-up to ensure closed-loop of care. HMS integrates normally scattered institutional departmental/section rosters into a unified electronic rostering system, which workers can access and make use of. HMS utilizes these eRosters in the core communications, directory, result routing and workflow engine.

The roster system is simple to use. Excel uploads are also supported, meaning that department secretaries can easily update the roster in the application of their choice and upload the final roster into the system. The system allows integration with 3rd party Web service integration with external rostering systems to prevent redundant work.

There are multiple roster templates available to lessen the setup time and apply best practices from other hospitals. Examples include team rosters, ward-based rosters, on-call rosters, zone rosters, etc – flexible rosters to cater to the diverse needs of our customer institutions.

With diversity of rosters across various departments, HMS makes life easier by offering a composite roster that mapped all important rosters into one single view for the entire hospital so that ground staff will be able to identify the right doctors on time.