Tshwane Insulin Project

The Tshwane Insulin Project is a research programme that is aimed at improving diabetes management and care. This includes initiating patients on insulin and titration for type two diabetes. The scope has broadened to include other non-communicable diseases such as hypertension. The project aims at achieving the ojectives by implementing the following:

  • Reinforce compliance
  • Identify problem patients and critical moments
  • Educate and support patients
  • Have a registry of households with people who have Non-Communicable Diseases

The project is divided into 5 different phases. Phase 1 encompassed reviewing the legal framework for the use of insulin in primary healthcare worker. Phase 2 was a trial, and phase 4 and 5 was the implementation and intervention using the existing care routines. Care Quest (CQM) became part of the programme in Phase 5. To enable a seamless process in the project, CQM took the following approach:

  • Develop forms on the CQM platform that will flag problematic patients.
  • If a new patient is diagnosed used the screening tools, they can be initiated on treatment.
  • Create follow up forms that allow for evaluating and monitoring the compliance of patients to the treatment prescribed.
  • Referrals are then made to a nearby health facility if the information captured flags a problematic patient.
  • Forms include incepts where the Health Care Provider is reminded to do health care education.
  • Reports and a dashboard are made available for analysis to track the effectiveness of the programme.
  • Develop training material for the users.