Healthcare Messaging System

Pills and Stethoscope with Tablet Capsule on Touch Screen Mobile PhoneHMS (Healthcare Messaging System) has been well proven and indispensable for many of Singapore’s public hospitals since 2005. It is the workhorse of institutes as the baseline secured health enterprise communication platform. It also enables the high-volume auto-processing and routing of laboratory results and digital imaging reports to the mobile devices of doctors, clinicians and nurses.

HMS is a mix-mode webtop application for clinicians with instant messaging, a seamless fallback 2-way SMS, and an end-to-end secured mobile application, called HMS+. Similar to HMS webtop, HMS+ organizes contact information of the enterprise (for a single hospital or a cluster of hospitals) into directories of clinician specialties, care teams and cross functional groups. HMS+ enables efficient one-click communication for care coordination of staff, clinicians, nurses, ancillary personnel, administrative support and others, like responding to code blue activation or other mass responses.

HMS+Care is a support for all thing’s patients. They range from patient appointments and reminders, to patient/kins care communications, as well as community groups communications, with one-way, two-way or mass broadcast on instant messaging, like Whatsapp, or SMS text messaging channels for a more generic reach.

Platform Capabilities and Other Available Modules

Other Technology Highlights of HMS:

  • Single sign-on with Hospital ADID integration
  • Picture and voice messaging
  • Single device login enforcement for extended security
  • Auto-escalation protocol
  • API integration to HMS Web Directory
  • API integration to HMS Rosters
  • SMS fallback capability to users who do not have application

SMS Specific

  • Confirmation tracking of SMS delivery to recipients’ mobile (where supported by telecom network)
  • 2-way SMS session maintainability without the need for manual key words
  • Retry on error delivery
  • Compound message
  • Auto-reply processing

With its smart delivery of SMS on the same telecom home network as that of the recipient users, HMS can be operated virtually free of SMS cost if home-network SMS is free in the country. This low-cost operating model is highly desirable, particularly in cases of community management of COVID-19. Some example of use of text messaging are:

  • Community-group SMS broadcast for the dissemination of health information
  • Channel for community to reach out for help via SMS
  • Frequent follow-up of health statuses, issues or quarantine situations of households and
  • 2-way SMS communications, with auto-reply processing.

All these services could be free for community end users.