Serious Games for Healthcare


Blood Transfusion Game

3D game-based simulated learning tool, targeted to healthcare professionals, that allows learning by trial-and-error in a risk-free environment.

Neonatal Resuscitation Game

Through gameplay, Resuscitation Game integrates the present training program offering professionals a new, involving and unique experience, while respecting training standards suggested by international bodies.


Serious Games for Healthcare

GML is a reseller partner of Imaginary S.R.L., an Italian company, well established global leader in gamification, VR and serious games and enabling technologies for eHealth and Training. We are part of an establishing global partner-network starting from Germany, UK, Scandinavia, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada.   

To start, we will market and support two of Imaginary’s serious games for healthcare: The Blood Transfusion Game (BTG) and Neonatal Resuscitation Training Game (NRTG), that was developed and successfully piloted for more than two thousand nurses for a Singapore cluster of hospitals. As a regional representative, we play the role of market maker, project management, technical support, systems integration (as needed to institutional LMS), operations, system maintenance, training and support of clients. 

In addition, GML is also a representative reseller of Imaginary’s REHABILITY system suit for remote rehabilitation, supported by many scientific publications.

Furthermore, GML has developed its own platform for mass layman education through storytelling games.  This endeavour is focused on community training of patients,  Community Healthcare Workers (CHW) and volunteers for Community-Oriented Health Care programs of developing countries, such as the Kingdom of Swaziland and South Africa, as part of our NGO work. Other ongoing serious games for healthcare initiatives of GML are Ear Anatomy Game and Standardize Patient.

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